CNMI PSS Strategic Performance Management

As part of our continuous improvement journey, we are excited to share the CNMI PSS Strategic Performance Management Plan portal with all stakeholders.

The development of the CNMI PSS Strategic Priorities in 1998 paved the way for the current CNMI PSS Strategic Performance Management Plan more commonly known as the SPM. The SPM goals are student driven with an overarching theme to provide quality education and to empower every student from Kinder to 12th grade to be innovative thinkers and learners and graduate students to become productive citizens of our community as reflected in our Vision and Mission.  Furthermore, the goals are aligned with our six priorities: Student Success; Accountable High Performing Systems; High Performing Personnel; Effective and Efficient Operations; Safe and Caring Schools; and Communication & Community Relations.

With the ongoing collaboration with Dr. Allison Layland of the Academic Development Institute and more recently with the Comprehensive Center Network Region 18 to continue the in-depth collaboration of our goals, strategies, milestones, and activities and a deeper dive into our conversations so we can hear suggestions from all stakeholders.