Human Resources

The CNMI Public School System Human Resources Office is announcing the following positions listed below.

If you are interested in applying for this position please visit our office and pick up an employment application or you may download it here. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the Human Resources Office at (670) 237-3037 or email at




Human Resources Contact Information


Elohn Deleon Guerrero, Personnel Specialist
Service Area: Verification of Employment, Leave Request Processing, Employment Separation
(670) 237-3037


Desiree Castro, Personnel Specialist
Service Area: New Hires, Onboarding, Employment Benefits
(670) 237-3037


D'Anna Tudela, Personnel Specialist
Service Area: Employment Contract Renewal (All Elementary Secondary Schools,Central & Special Education Programs)
(670) 237-3037


Janessa Barcinas, Personnel Specialist
Service Area: Employment Applications, Assessments & Eligibility
(670) 237-3037


Lucretia B. Deleon Guerrero
Human Resources Office
(670) 237-3037/3052


Liza Santos, Personnel Specialist
(670) 237-3037

PSS is an Equal Employment Opportunity Provider