Welcome to the CNMI PSS Online Student Registration!


Hafa adai and tirow, Parents and Students. It's that time of the year when general on-going student re-enrollments and new registrations must happen to ensure that we have the most updated information on all of our students. In having the re-enrollment and registration done online, we have added another layer to the process to ensure that the information is correct and complete. To make this process as easy as possible, we have outlined the steps needed to be taken so that you are informed and prepared. Are we ready? Let's begin!

Since SY 2020-2021, registrations and re-enrollments have been online.  
At this time, for SY 2022-2023, we will not be accepting paper-based registration forms. The reasons for this are:

  1. Confidentiality - Filling out an online registration form will ensure that the information you provide us about your child is kept hidden from either accidental or intentional exposure to others.
  2. Records Integrity - Online registration forms will ensure that the information that YOU enter into the form will go directly into your child's records in the right sections. How you've entered your answers into each question will reflect exactly in our Student Information Systems.
  3. Accessibility - Once your child has been registered or if your child is currently an on-going student, then we will be able to give you online access to your child's record when you request for it. You will be able to review and ensure that all information is correct and updated. Of course, access will be limited to a specific amount of time to ensusre security of your child's record.
  4. Storage of Record - Not only will information that you have entered into the form will be recorded into the Student Information System, but so will documents that you will upload into our system using the online registration/re-enrollment form. This will ensure that your child's documents, such as a copy of his/her birth certificate, will not get lost and will stay with your child's enrollment record. So if you decide to transfer your child to another school within the CNMI Public School System, his/her enrollment record - including all uploaded documents - will also be transferred to that school.

The CNMI Public School System generally has registration open all throughout the school year.  However, because our office had transitioned from the old system to the new system for SY 2022-2023, we've had to close registrations until July 5, 2022.

When parents use the unique link that we give them to fill in the online registration, they can also review their child’s information to make sure that it is as updated as possible.  This would be the best time for parents to request for amendments to be made such as a change in the child’s name if it is spelled incorrectly in the system.  There are also specific required documents that parents will need to upload using the online registration form.  These documents include, but are not limited to, the student’s Health Card, Immunization Card, and home map.

Yes, it is true that our school district had transitioned to a new student information system (SIS) and we have enabled the use of the new system for School Year 2022-2023.  Because the SIS is new, the process to filling out the registration also has some new features and changes for the better.  These new changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ONE registration form for ONE HOUSEHOLD – Families now will only need to fill in one registration for each household.  Even if your children are in different schools in the CNMI Public School System, you will just need to turn in one form.
  • Include ALL children into the registration form – Families with younger children who are not in the CNMI Public School System can now be included into the registration form for future enrollment.  Having all your children who are between ages 0 – 4 years old (children who, in the future, will attend a CNMI PSS K-12 school) and ages 5 – 18 years old (children who are of school age and are currently enrolled in the CNMI Public School System) in one registration form under one household will make the future enrollment of the younger children much easier.  Schools will be able to better plan for their entry and will be able to link their records to your household even if they register for a different school from where their older siblings last attended.
  • More standardized entries – To improve on the accuracy of your child’s information, we have made most fields “multiple choice”.  This way, parents will be able to lessen typing in text-type answers.

No, it has not.  You will still need to go the respective links below for transfer and withdrawal requests.  Remember, if you need your child to move from one school to another within our district, then it is a transfer request.  If you need to move your child to either a private school or another school district outside of the CNMI, then that is a withdrawal request.

A parent may request for their child to attend a school that is not in their designated school zone. Prior to filling out the registration form, the parent must first fill out the SCHOOL ZONE WAIVER REQUEST FORM (copy available under Forms & Documents) and submit it to the principal of the school for approval. If the principal approves the request, the principal will forward the form to the COE for approval. When COE approves or denies the request, the signed form will be emailed back to the principal, and the parent will be contacted to pick up the form (or emailed, preferably). If the request is approved, then the requested transfer will be processed first and the parent can upload that document when registering at the receiving school.

Registration of an out of zone student will be deemed incomplete if no approved School Zone Waiver Request Form is attached.

Please visit your child's school.  As much as possible, our schools will accommodate parents/guardians by providing either a mobile device or a computer that you can use to access the registration form.
They may be able to assist you as well in filling out the registration.  Every school will have a "Kiosk Link" that will allow you to fill out a registration form if you do not have an email address.  It is highly recommended that every parent/guardian have their own personal email address that only they have access to.  Please do not share or borrow someone else's email address as this will be used to open up your "Parent Portal" account.

Yes, there will be someone at your child's school who can assist you.  Please look for the school administrator or ask for the "Records Custodian".

Yes. Public Law 20-48 ("To repeal and re-enact The Education Act of 1988" Article 3: Compulsory Attendance) requires every person between the ages of 5 and 17 to attend school. This means that Kindergarten is now mandated in the CNMI.

Also, in accordance with the CNMI PSS Policy § 60-20-412 Entrance Age, in order to be enrolled into Kindergarten, your child must be five (5) years old by September 30, 2020.

Before beginning the registration or re-enrollment process, you will need to have electronic copies of certain documents. Most of the documents listed below are required and will need to be uploaded into the registration and/or re-enrollment form. Electronic copies may be in PDF or JPEG formats.


For SY 2020-2021, ALL Students will need the following:

  • Parent/Guardian Valid Email Address (required)
  • Valid Health Certificate (required)
  • Birth Certificate (required)
  • Screenshot of Map to Residence & the Latitude-Longitude Coordinates (Click HERE to use our Google Map)  (required)
  • Parent/Guardian valid Photo ID (required)
  • Valid Photo IDs for all who will be listed under the student's Authorized Contacts (required)
  • Medical Insurance Card for the school year (required)
  • CNMI PSS Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization Form (required)
  • Transcript or Report Card from Previous school (required for transfer students only)
  • Bus Request Form (if applicable)
  • Court Order of Full Custody (if applicable)
  • Notarized Statement or any other proof that child is under the care of another person who is 18 or older (if applicable)
  • Out-of-Zone Waiver Form (if applicable)
  • Latest 1040 Tax Return Form (stamped) - front page only showing list of dependents (required only if your child is 18 years of age or is attending a postsecondary institution at any age and you need access to your child's academic records such as report cards and progress reports)
  • Consent to Release Education Records Form (required only if your child is 18 years of age or is attending a postsecondary institution at any age and you need access to your child's academic records such as report cards and progress reports)
  • Signed Directory Information Opt Out Form (if applicable)

If you do not have an email address, you must sign up for an email account. An administrative office staff from your child's school will be able to assist you, but they cannot sign up for you, assign you one, or create one for you. When you submit your email address to your child's school, you will be able to gain access to your child's enrollment records, a Parents Plus Portal Account, and email notifications from AP Notify. Please call your school for assistance in signing up for an email account.

Yes, there is.

To summarize things, you will need to do the following before starting the registration or re-enrollment process:

  1. If you are the primary parent/guardian for your child, submit your updated and valid email address to your child's school
  2. Have scanned electronic copies of all required documents ready.
  3. Read and learn about your rights (or your child's rights, if they are 18 years old or older) under FERPA and PPRA.
    Visit these sites in this order:

    1. Records & Data Management Parent & Student Resources
    2. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notification (Form 2420)
    3. Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
  4. Read and download a copy of the CNMI PSS School Policies Summary for your records.