Office of Administrative Services (OAS)

Office of Administrative Services (OAS)

Executive Summary


The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of administrative services and programs of the Public School System, which supports the daily operations of our schools and Central Office. OAS strives to provide quality and essential services through leadership, collaboration, and support that enables the CNMI Public School System to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and public services.

Under the supervision of the Associate Commissioner of Administrative Services are the following programs:


  • Child Nutrition Program (CNP)
  • Communications Media
  • Emergency Operations Management (EOM)
  • Facilities Development & Management (FDM)
  • Pupil Transportation (OPT)



Child Nutrition Program


Executive Summary


The CNMI PSS Child Nutrition Program (CNP) program operates under a Nutrition Assistance Grant (NAG) funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).



Communications Media


Executive Summary


The Communications Media department provides design services to both schools and central office departments. Tese services include graphic design, photography, video, web design, event planning/organization, as well as consulting services when dealing with outsourcing large projects to printing companies and/or vendors.



Community Outreach


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Office of Pupil Transportation


Executive Summary


The Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) provides safe and reliable transportation daily to and from school for eligible students. In addition, OPT provides student transportation for educational and non-educational field trips. Approximately 3,500 students are safely transported daily on Rota, Saipan and Tinian.



Facilities Development and Management


Executive Summary :


The PSS Facilities Development & Management Office (FDM) coordinates large scale school projects with designers, contractors and government agencies. PSS FDM is involved in the construction management of projects, which include project monitoring, reviewing plans and specifications, preparing cost estimates and conducting project meetings. Additionally, the PSS FDM Office completes smaller renovations and school maintenance projects in-house, or by hiring manpower services. Although each School has their own maintenance personnel to take care of daily needs, the FDM Office assists with tasks that require specialized services. The goals of the PSS FDM Office are to ensure that all PSS construction projects are completed with a high level of quality, safety and efficiency and to maintain and provide environments which are conducive to student learning.





  • Aluminum Exterior Shutter Replacements for Saipan Cafeterias
  • Design and Installation of 20 Ton Air Conditioning unit and ductwork at the Saipan Southern High SChool Cafeteria
  • Replacement of A/C Units at San Vicente Elementary and Dandan Middle School Cafeteria
  • Renovation of Susupe Head Start
  • Paved parking lots at Koblerville Elementary School and JMR Head Start
  • OIA Typhoon Yutu Double-session Classrooms Repairs at San Vicente, Koblerville, WSR, and Marianas High School
  • Tinian Paved Parking Lot and Head Start Driveway
  • Dandan Middle School construction of 2 new Classrooms
  • Installation of new Pad Mounted Transformer at Kagman High School
  • Kagman Elementary School Pad-mounted Transformer Relocation
  • Installation of step down transformers at Kagman Elementary School
  • Installation of New Electrical Service Riser at DMS
  • Existing Sewer Line Relocation at KES



  • Koblerville Elementary School Cafeteria Construction
  • Repairs at Hopwood Middles School
  • SNILD Fund school repair projects
  • Air-conditioning services and repairs at all PSS schools
  • Various repair projects for all PSS schools
  • Hazard Mitigation 404 projects for PSS
  • Typhoon Yutu FEMA Projects
  • Career and Technical Education Building



Emergency Operations Management Office


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Office of Administrative Services Accomplishments