Procurement & Supply

P&S Administration

  • George Palican, Procurement & Supply Officer
  • Lillian T. Gumba, Inventory Control Manager
  • Elsa Castro Pangelinan, Administrative Officer
  • Melba Vilaga, Administrative Officer
  • Alkantro Sarapio, Procurement Specialist
  • Melvin Camacho, Procurement Specialist
  • Vilma Castro, Procurement Specialist
  • Jess Santos, Procurement Specialist (Lower Base Facility)
  • Juan Leon Guerrero, Procurement Specialist (Lower Base Facility)
  • Gilbert SN Macaranas, Procurement Specialist (Lower Base Facility)


The Office of PSS Procurement and Supply (PSS-P&S) is composed of the following sections:

  1. Administration;
  2. Small Purchases;
  3. Request for Proposal (RFP), Invitation for Bid (IFB), Contracts & Change Orders;
  4. Inventory and Survey; and
  5. Receiving, Distribution, and Mailroom.


The Administration section is charged with administrative, clerical, timekeeping, record keeping, planning, and budgeting and is comprised of the chief procurement officer and administrative officer III.

NMIAC § 60-40-210 of the CNMI Public School System’s (CNMI-PSS) procurement regulations authorizes the school district’s units to procure goods and services, with amounts not exceeding $10,000 for small purchases and $30,000 for CIP-approved construction projects or equipment, through this procurement method. (See NMIAC §§ 60-40-210 (g) and 60- 40-210 (h), respectively, for the prescribed dollar thresholds or ceilings.). CNMI-PSS units (schools, programs, departments, and offices) regularly use this small purchase procurement method to obtain goods and services from various vendors and suppliers and the PSS Facilities Development and Management (FDM) would invoke its authority under NMIAC § 60-40-210 (h) to complete several small but urgent construction projects with costs under $30,000. Of all the procurement methods available, i.e., competitive sealed bids, competitive sealed proposals, sole-source, emergency, etc., small purchase procurement is the most used method, yielding an average of over 250 or more requests a month. PSS-P&S monitors all small purchase activities from submission and until payments are made to vendors and suppliers and on a daily basis. Monthly summary reports are provided to CNMI-PSS and State BOE officials (staff) at the end of every month. The procurement process does not end until vendors and suppliers are paid in full for purchased goods received and accepted by and services rendered to the CNMI-PSS.

Within the IFBs, RFPs, Contracts, and Change Orders section, two P&S personnel oversee all competitive sealed bids (IFBs), competitive sealed proposals (RFPs), contracts, and change orders.

The CNMI-PSS, through the PSS-P&S, continues to complete the mandatory annual inventory of its controlled and fixed assets. The entire school district, at a minimum, is required to conduct an annual inventory of its fixed assets at the close of every school year. The last annual inventory report reveals that all CNMI-PSS fixed assets are accounted for and the entire school district is in full compliance. The Office of Procurement and Supply shall continue to conduct quality control on this aspect of its function.

The PSS-P&S receiving and distribution center is charged with receiving, inspecting, clearing, tagging, accepting, and distributing all CNMI-PSS purchased goods. The center is located in Lower Base, Saipan. There are two employees currently stationed at the receiving and distribution center. To improve and centralize most of the PSS-P&S services, the CNMI-PSS relocated its mailroom to PSS-P&S’s main office in Capitol Hill. CNMI-PSS mail runs occur once a week on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. The mail room is managed by a PSS-P&S supply specialist.


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Small Purchases/Purchase Order

  • Elsa Castro
  • Melba Vilaga

Tel. (670) 237-3088


Contracts/IFBs/RFBs/Change Orders

  • Vilma Castro

Tel. (670) 237-3070



  • Alkantro Sarapio
  • Melvin Camacho
  • Jesus Santos

Tel. (670) 237-3070



  • Juan Leon Guerrero
  • Gelbert Macaranas

Tel. (670) 322-6404